Friday, 30 September 2011

Large Scale Design

I really like the idea of doing large scale design, doing the design work but then presenting it in a way thats not a poster or something on everyday material that graphic designers usually use. I would like to experiment using wood and other materials whilst being here in college. I want to produce something different, using screen printing, letter press or laser cutting and other materials i think will do this. Here is some design work i have seen which i love the idea of.

Work produced by Nick Sherman

Work produced by Anthony Burrill

PPP Task//What is Graphic Design//Part 1

- Identify 5 examples of Graphic Design appearing in different contexts

These images above are all of designs which are in different context. These range from billboard, to envelope to digital designs. All of which serve a different purpose. The context at which is design is placed in can determine how a design is perceived. 

- Identify 5 examples of Graphic Design performing different functions

The images above show designs that have different functions. The way in which a design is designed, can be determined in what it is going to be used for and what needs to be shown on the design e.g the information needed on it etc

- Identify 5 examples of Graphic Design delivering different types of messages

The images above are of designs giving different types of messages. Every piece of design work has a message which it is communicating, the way it is designed is dependant on the type of message to be communicated. Here i found work on personal, political, propaganda and charity.

- Identify 5 examples of Graphic Design produced using different media

These designs above are all done on different media. The type of media used makes a design different in every way and the techniques used on making it. There are loads of media which design is worked on nowadays. Here i have examples from video and digital, to letterpress and woodwork.

- Identify 5 examples of Graphic Design produced at different scales

The images above are of designs produced at different scales. The scale of a design depends on what the purpose of use is e.g cd artwork, business cards. The scale can determine what the outcome is, as if you have a small space to work with you need it to be simple so it can still be read and vice versa. 

Woodblock letterpress

These are some images that i have, there of the letter press wooden blocks which have been placed together to make up the image. I love the effect that it gives and all the different colours and textures you get within the image. You also get a sense of depth from the variety of sizes that the wooden blocks are.

In a project i did at college last year, i made my own letter press blocks which i used to print, but as part of experimenting with them i photographed them and these are some of the results. 

A designer i found called Stephen Kenny specialises in Letterpress, his design studio is called A two pipe problem press.

"Here at the PROBLEM PRESS everything is designed directly on the press with movable wood and metal type. No computers are used in the design process. "

The workshop is based in Walthamstow, East London and is run by Stephen Kenny.