Sunday, 9 December 2012

OUGD502 // Life's a pitch // Promotional Material

On friday, we got together as a group and worked on some material for our studio. We looked at developing the logo and brand identity. Heres some photos of what we have got so far, creating the gem is still ongoing. 

After creating the logo which David did, he then laser cut this out using wood.

When we created the E-flyer we used colour paper to create small gems to work in the installation we decided to take this net and blow it up to create a bigger and better gem and make it out of perspect.  

We still have to glue all the pieces together yet as it is held together by tape at the minute, but this was o get the idea of the size and to make sure it all fit.

After this i played around with the different elements we had created; paper gems, wood logo and big gem. I photographed them using some lights we had in the studio, again just playing around with some ideas for the branding.

I particularly like this photo and idea of the gems surrounding the logo, it has a good effect and is nice and bright by the use of colours within the gems.

The last thing we tried to do was create the alphabet using the paper gems on a grid of sticky notes. This was a quick idea and something that we may work on. Mainly just trying out some ideas which we can carry on and create later into the project.

From these ideas and photos of the work we have been doing, we are hoping we are getting across the kind of studio we are wanting to be and the sort of work we could involved in.

Full Photos

Friday, 7 December 2012

OUGD502 // Cost of Living

As part of the lifes a pitch module we have to work out our costing price as a studio. We were given a excel worksheet to work out our cost of living.
I did this as though i would be working in business and what the cost of that would be.

My cost of living as a working professional would be £28,883. This price is high compared to others within my group but that is because i have a car which i pay for and that comes to £5,696. If i was to take this off it would be £23,187 which is around the same of everyone else. Maybe when going into business i should get rid of my car?

To work out my daily rate - 
business expenses + income required / number of working days

£10,000 + £28,883  / 233 = £166.87 daily rate

I also took the opportunity to work out my cost of living as i am now, this would help me know what to charge on any work i am doing whilst being at uni.
I have kept everything the same, but got rid of the premises cost, as i live at home.

To work out my daily rate - 
business expenses + income required / number of working days

£10,000 + £16,474 / 233 = £113.62 daily rate

Thursday, 6 December 2012

OUGD502 // Installations

At the minute i am really getting into paper craft and installations. Hopefully within one of briefs i will be able to create one of my own.
Here are some images which i have found whilst browsing the internet that show the sort of installations that i am interested in.

Monday, 3 December 2012

OUGD502 // Life's a pitch // E-flyer

As part of our studio that we have set up, we had to create an e-flyer which was to be posted onto the level 5 notice board. This would be used to show everyone else in the year group what our studio is and who we are.

As a group we came up with the name JEMM which was derived from our middle name initials. To keep in with this theme we wanted the logo/ idea for the e flyer and studio to be based around gems.

Initial ideas:
- gifs
- animation video
- installation
- moving flyer

We were originally going to go down the route of a animation video / gif but we ran out of time to create this idea, so went with the installation instead.

For this we created a lot of small gems which were made from different coloured stock. This idea came from david and jack who started creating the gems for the animation.
Also this photo of them, initiated the idea of the installation:

We all liked the look and feel of the gems and the bright colours used within them. 

For the installation we had alot of different ideas:
- hanging gems from the ceiling and hanging the name - JEMM in between these to create a 3D hanging installation.
- photograph the gems as above but overlay the logo on top in grayscale.
- make large scale gems and use them as a hat for each person within the group who would hold their initial to make the name JEMM in the photo
- have the name JEMM cut out 3D and all the cut out gems around it

We liked all the ideas and think that these will become some of the work we progress with throughout the module when we come to more specific tasks about who we are as a studio.

For the flyer we decided to go with the last idea:
- use 3D text of JEMM and surround it by the small cut out gems.

Work in progress:

Cutting out the JEMM in the laser cutter. 

Spray painting the letters in black.

Creating the installation

Creating the installation

Creating the installation

insert photo which were taken of installation

Final Flyer:

OUGD502 // Lecture // What is the Cost?

What is costs to produce the work

What are your costs?
- legal
- resource
- marketing
- finance

- overhead costs
- insurance costs
- premises costs
- utilities, postage, IT costs
- research & development
- equipment cost
- material cost
- maintenance cost
- finance cost
- professional services
- promotional cost

Expected income
- accommodation cost
- utilities and communication
- insurance
- personal loan
- food
- travel
- esteem costs
- entertainment
- holidays and breaks
- savings and pensions

What are your prices?
- how have you worked out your prices?
- how does your prices compare with your competition
- identify 3 competitions and give evidence of their prices

Calculating pricing
total outgoings
expected income
------------------------  = Daily rate
working days

Working days:
365 days in year
-52 weekends (104 days)
- 8 bank holidays
- 20 annual leave days
= 233 working days.

15, 000
20, 000
----------- = £150.21 per day

Protect your work
Intellectual property
- patents - 70days period
- trademarks - forever - renew every 10 years
- registered designs - up to 25 years - renew every 5 years
- copyright - 70 years after you die


When selling work:
protect work and yourself by terms and conditions.

selling reproduction rights of your work
controlling exposure
license the same design for different purposes

Licensing Agreements
insert here


OUGD502 // Lecture // Who are they?

Markets, Audience & Analysis

Marketing Roles:
- identify consumer needs
- pricing strategy
- promote products to target audience
- identify distribution networks
- add value - customer benefits
- monitor performance of products

Product - item to satisfy what need / want
Price - amount to pay for product
Promotion - methods of communication. How markets find out about the product
Place - where the product is

87% of design businesses employ less than 10 people
16 % of design companies are in North of England
23% of design companies are in London
28% of designers are freelance

What kind of creative are you?
- The evolutionary is someone who adapts current situations, products and designs to gradually make changes that will carry people along with you

- The manager looks after existing situations and makes them more effective and efficient

- A cautious creative will give the market what it wants

- The revolutionary will plough through everything and everyone to make change

- The Opportunist will seek new opportunities and hopes someone else will help them make it work

Risk Taker
- The risk taker will give the market something it didn’t realise it needed yet

Ideas and Opportunities
What is an idea?
- anytime, anybody, anywhere, inspire by anything
- random, rarely successful
- 5000 ideas a day

What is an opportunity?

- The People are Right
- The Place is Right
- The conditions are Right
- The Time is Right

Why Fail?

Politicians could not see any benefit
Economics were fragmented
Society had no need
Technology too primitive

Positives & Negatives :
Political factors
Environmental Factors
Social Factors
Technological Factors

P.E.S.T analysis

Where do opportunities come from?

- Trends
- Technical developments
- Political change
- Economic boom and slump
- Human need
- Problems
- Research

Spotting opportunities:

- Technical
- Practical
- Conceptual
- Professional

- Teamwork
- Collaboration
- Communication
- Project Management
- People Management

- Risk / Cautious
- Evolution / Revolution
- Manager / Opportunist

How do you know if its good opportunity?

- Look at your competitors
- How many are there?
- How well are they doing
- What do they do well?
- What could you improve upon?

Assessing the competition:
- What are their Strengths?
- What are their Weaknesses?
- What Opportunities have they taken?
- What Threats do they face?

SWOT Analysis:

Quality of opportunity:
- For me
- For customer
- For planet
- For stakeholder

Marketing Roles:
- Identify customer needs to develop new products
- Develop pricing strategies
- Promote products to a target market
- Identify distribution networks
- Add value to your product through customer benefits
- Monitor the performance of the products

Marketing Basics:
- What are the chances of success?
- How good is the opportunity?
- What do I have what do they need?