Friday, 18 April 2014

OUGD602 // Live Briefs // Dialogue Exhibition

Even though 'Dialogue' was a part of my extended practice and a brief that me and Eve both took on together, I feel that this particular project was a lot bigger than that. It has been a great learning curve for myself both as a designer and as a professional.

Throughout the project there has been a lot of time management, planning, organising, liaising, working with people / students / designers / clients, designing and also compromise. This project taught me more things than I thought it would.

Whenever I speak about it and explain the whole project, I always start with the thought I had when we first came together and put this project into motion - how hard can be to organise an exhibition, it just putting up some prints in a room. It's a lot harder than that, we learnt it the hard way, but defiantly the best way and I wouldn't change any of it.

Through doing the project I have learnt about myself. I have realised that I do like to take the lead, but I like it when I know there is also someone else there alongside me - to work with and to rely on. Time management is a good thing for myself, through having to be on time, be place, meet people to get all this done, it made me realise that having that structure there helps me. I am an organised person and one that can keep to times and place and budgets. I strive off deadlines and pressure to get things done. I'm not afraid to put myself out there and on the line, also speaking to people and business people business isn't that much of a worry for me.

Theres a lot of things I realised I weren't so good at, but through doing this I have learnt and become much better. I thought I was good at networking, but compared to Eve I'm not, getting to know more designers within the local area was great and speaking to them at the exhibition was very useful. I'm not the best at writing, which I already knew, but in terms of writing to people within business this was different all over again.

Other things I learnt was that I cant always do everything by myself and I'm not the best at everything. There are other people which can do things better than me and through this, I have let them do that and seen the results of this. People are there to help and want to help so let them. Life is too short to live and not try things out and put yourself out there - be a risk.

I also realised the great people I have on my course and the friends that I have on the course, as when we needed help to get things done, so the exhibition could actually be there, they came and helped us.

It has been the best project of the year for me, both design wise and as something I have enjoyed. Working with Eve has been a blast and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I have learnt things from working with Eve as a pair, it has been great to bounce ideas off each other and get things done as there was two of us.

What I did realise was that you can get a hell of a lot done when you put your mind to it and know that things have to be done for a certain time or date. Also the main thing that came from the project was that I love print, but not just print, making things. Being in the print room for such a long time was great, I much prefer that to sitting behind a computer. This made me realise that I don't want to do that for a job.


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