Monday, 26 March 2012

COP workshop//10 rules for myself

- wash up as i go along making food
- clean the flat once a week
- try exercise daily
- eat good proper meals
- wash my clothes
- food shop on same day every week/ buy more each time so dont have to go every week
- remember i have a job to take into consideration with uni work
- leave enough time on a morning to have a shower etc
- eat healthy
- clean my car!

- go out more through the week
- make sure see friends
- dont take work home with me
- dont waste time on internet looking at pointless stuff
- go to more gigs
- enjoy life
- try leave weekends free to do whatever
- socialise with people on course more
- make time for going to the pub to have a drink with mates/flatmates
- make sure i leave time to do my hobbies, get back to taking photos more.

- dont take work home with me
- use my time more efficient
- use all resources available
- experiment with my work
- have regular breaks from working on computer
- leave time to look at design work for inspiration
- get to college earlier on a morning
- cross course collaboration?
- use the library more
- don't stick to one style of work, mix it up.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Design Company//QusQus

A graphic design company that i found looking through another blog. It is mainly editorial and typography based work, which is what i love, so this was a great find for myself! Ive looked through the whole website and there isn't a piece of work i don't like, its awesome, a definite favourite at the minute.

QusQus is a graphic design studio founded by Dima Kuzmichev. We love magazines and books, presentation booklets and annual reports, typography and high-quality paper. We develop trademarks design and visual identity.

The studio works for a wide range of clients from various areas, regardless of their scale. Our works achieve success also due to our clients, who share our approach to design and who appreciate individuality and quality even in details.

Currently we are working with clients from Saint-Petersburg as well as from other cities. We are always glad to see you and are open for cooperation! Call +7 (921) 325 0959 or write to us

Dima Kuzmichev
My name is Dima Kuzmichev. Everything began while I was studying at the institute, at the information design department. Even at the first courses I worked as freelance designer and was engaged in identity and graphic design projects. I became one of the creators of two magazines (ShowOff and ThreeSixty), also I worked there as a designer and art-director.

After graduation I started to work with Zambezy ID agency, where I was engaged in identity developing and creating of various printed production.

Later, looking for bigger clients, I joined to VolgaVolga agency, where I worked with such clients as Megafon, Web Plus, City Tour, Ingosstrakh, BFA Bank, Baltimore, Baltic Pearl, Land Aspect, Pen&Paper, Pioner Cinema, North-West Telecom, Smart Telecom etc.

So with some accumulated experience I decided to open my own studio. And now I have more time and possibilities for making high-quality projects.

Monday, 12 March 2012

PPP Task//Time management workshop

Our workshop today was one of two and was on time management. The whole idea of how we manage our days individually.
To start with Fred spoke to us a little and gave us some examples, basically saying how we all think that just because we have been in uni a whole day doesn't mean we've spent it in the right way or done any work at all. The idea that if you have a bad start to a day, it will keep on running throughout the day and you'll get nothing done.
From this we looked into our days more detailed,  by categorising what we do within a week and then adding a percentage to this, this in itself showed me how much time i do actually spend on doing certain things, majority things that don't help me with what i actually need to get done in the day!
We then discussed this as a group and pooled all our categories together, which Fred made a list in three categories; course specific, domestic, social.
These are the 3 main categories which your day to day things comes under and these are the three things that you need to balance throughout your day. Basically you can't spend your whole time doing work for the course, it will make you a worse designer and you won't be able to make decisions, see things differently and just be more tired in the long run. You have to have down time and time away from the work, so when you come back to it, its fresh and you can work at a better standard. This is were the social and domestic elements come in, these are what you do in the other times of your day, things you want to do and things you need to do. Getting the balance right between these three is essential; doing work 24/7 can effect your social life, leading to you losing friends and having nothing at the end of it or you just because a unsociable person and lose all the social skills you have to meet new people etc. Also vice versa, socialising too much means you don't get your work done and therefore don't pass the course. GETTING THE BALANCE IS CRUCIAL.

So after discussing these categories we then went back to the sheets and filled in the same one but had a separate sheet for each category, making it more detailed and this time working out how long in hours we spent on this given subject. This again showed how much you actually spend doing a certain thing each week.
I defiantly found out that i spend too much time doing work and not enough social things we i need to change!

We have now been set a task that for the rest of the week, we have to do a daily to do list a weekly planner and a day to day planner. These must be filled out the night before and then we have to record what we actually do within that day, to see if stick to the plan we made and to see if this actually helps in our organisation.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Muro Buro - Paul Robson Muro Buro

I came across this designer just now, as i was looking through the internet to find information on manifesto's for my contextual. He has done work for Northumbria university on manifesto within the graphic design area and it is really nice, alone the lines of what i am wanting the style of my work for the context module to be, so i am very happy to find this. But then i looked through his work more and found some amazing stuff.

A little bit about Muro Buro:
Basically Paul Robson is the guys real name and he created Muro Buro as a portfolio of work that he does outside of his agency work.


This also links in with my brief for design principles, looking at screen printing and getting messages across clean and simply!