Monday, 27 February 2012

design ideas which caught my eye

When looking through a design blog - i found a few interesting ideas which i liked the look of, i didn't really know what to blog them as so ill evaluate them individually.

Who Are You//initial ideas

Today we have been working on our pop module and have been given a new brief which is work in conjunction with the design software workshops.
When we first came to college for the interview we were given a questionnaire to fill out, which was all about us and who we were, we were given this questionnaire again to how our answer would differ and to see if we filled it our easier - safe to say i still found it as hard!

After this exercise we were given another one, which again e had done when we first started the year as an ice breaker, this was where we had to interview a partner to find out more about them. In this case the questions were slightly different but the same idea was in place, my partner was kathryn.

From this exercise we are now going to produce a double page spread on our partner using indesign, we will be doing this in the indesign workshops that we have, starting on thursday.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Event posters

from looking through various websites online i came across some event posters which i really like. The concept behind them is what caught my eye the most, they are really well thought out and look really impressive.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

PPP Interim Evaluation//10 things I've learnt...

10 things I've learnt about myself personally:
1. I am a driven person, once i get the idea of something or know that i want to do something, i will do it straight away and not stop until i have finished it

2. I am impatient, walking around leeds i find myself always walking around people who walk slow, i hate waiting in queues and if i know I'm going to get something i want it straight away.

3. I am organised, quite a lot actually. I like to make lists and make sure that i know what has to be done. With all the work we've had so far, i have found doing this has kept me up to date with everything, which is a good thing!

4. Graphic design is now part of my life, i pretty much live it, there isn't a part of the day when i don't think about something I'm designing or come up with an idea for a design.

5. I can cook! i have lasted so far cooking for myself and not got food poisoning or anything

6. I like visual things, i have found that i haven't really taken to reading books with seems and seems of pages, id much rather look through a magazine or just at images online.

7. I love publication design!

8. How to manage my money, having my loan and making it last the full time and not getting into debt. I have found that i have to substitute some things for others. e.g id much rather spend more money on decent food than having a night out!

9. I am a perfectionist, with pretty much anything that i do. I like everything to be exact and everything to be in order.

10. I get distracted really easily.

10 things I've learnt about myself as a designer:
1. I take to things really easily, new software, new techniques etc, i have learnt a lot of these since starting the course and i feel confident with everything.

2. I am a perfectionist with my work, especially when it comes to printing and cutting work, if something is slightly wrong i will re-print it or if the print comes out wrong - re-print too.

3. I love type and image working together.

4. I have a love for publication design, at the minute it is my favourite thing and something i want to look at more and specialise in.

5. I've started to do a lot more illustrative work.

6. Idea generation isn't my best quality, i like to run with one idea when I've come up with something, but i have proven to myself that taking more time over this area will result in a better finished product.

7. Working with others is good and i enjoy it, you can produce some interesting designs with all the different ideas from everyone.

8. I need to improve my drawing skills.

9. I have started to look at a lot more designers and general design work in my spare time.

10. I live graphic design and everything for uni.

Review of blog

I have found this blog very useful, even though it is probably the one i don't always post to all the time, looking back through it, i have found it interesting. Just from starting this course i have started to look at a lot more designers and design in general, i spend my spare time looking through design websites at design work and other things out there, which i then post to this blog. Looking back through this it is beginning to be a library of design work and designers, which i think is very useful, i can look through this to find people i like or just for inspiration.
I have a couple of tasks to do for this blog which are pretty big ones and will provide a lot more archives of designers, so again the library will be expanding more and more.
I do think that i need to keep posting to this blog more regularly, i am going to set some time aside be it once a week or just an hour a day to find new work/designers and blog it on here.

Friday, 10 February 2012