Sunday, 14 April 2013

OUGD502 // Task 5 // Who am I? - Who are they?

Client groups which use Graphic Design in their products or services
Graphic design is within the tertiary sector - the service industry in particular because we are given out a service to a client. Alot of the client groups are also within the service industry - the private and public sectors, which for me as a designer would be the clients that I would aim for.
Here are the areas of design that I have identified:
Print - screen printing, letterpress etc
Finance - accounting and banking
TV and Film
Food and drink
Public domain

Client group which reflects my creative ambition:
The client group which I can identify with the most is publishing, I love publishing and editorial design, it is one of the areas that I work the best within and have the most ambition and fun when working in it. I think as an area of design it is very broad because publishing can fit within many other area of design and client groups itself. With this I would always combine book binding and print within it, these two areas are other particular favourites of mine and ones in which I think I am the strongest in, combining these areas together with publishing creates a better outcomes and something which I feel makes my publishing different.
At the minute I would want to keep this client group broad as I don't have a particular view on where I could aim or do publishing within, as I said before it can fit into a lot of the bigger client groups. If I was to choose now, it would be retail, because again this is still quite broad and offers a lot of variety within it. You can design for clothing, music, technology, food - supermarket, etc which publishing can be apart of them all in some way.

What skills and interests I have and how they relate to client group:
I am very interested in editorial design and publishing itself. I think I work well within editorial design and get a buzz of it myself. I love to work with type and image and creating a layout which displays this bout also challenges it too, by mixing the two together.
Within my recent editorial design projects I have always tried to look at the format of the publication, creating a format which is moving away from the standard A and B formats, but using these are a basis to work within as to print they have to fit within these sizes. Creating a publication that has a different format and way to interact with, makes it more interesting to both read and look through. I think this is something that I can offer to my client group.
I feel that I am strong at layout design and create a good structure to work with type and image, again mixing these together in a more creative way makes the design better. Another area I have been improving on and now using much more within my own practice is illustration, this has been coming through into all design area that I use, but mostly editorial design.
I also have a good interest in branding, I don't feel as strong within this area of design as publishing and editorial, but I think by working on it more it will get better. Using this with publishing I think I can create a good practise of being able to create a brand for a client which has a strong focus on communicating the company through publishing and other branding products.

What skills are needed and what skills are needed to develop:
Skills that area needed to work with clients:
Time management - working to strict deadlines and having the final product developed and finished for this deadline as this is key to produce work for a client in the industry.
Communication and dealing with clients in a professional manner - having the knowledge of how to approach new clients and talking to them in the right way to get the work in and being ale to work for the client.
Proposals / presentation - developing my skills for presentations, I feel quite strong at them but not for industrial proposes and pitching for a job. I also think I need to improve my presentation boards and how I present the work for the client to see the full concept and idea.
What I feel I need to develop further:
Creating work that can be produced at mass and for print within the industry - at the minute creating one of publications and printing on our printers at Uni isn't the same as I would for industry. Depending on the scale of the print run would determine if it was printed digital or through litho etc - this would change how the product would have to be designed.
Improve skills on branding - I want to get better at branding and be able to offer this as a service, if I could I think having this as a concept for my practice would work well. Being to brand a company, with the focus on publishing and other branding products - normal branding literature.
Refine my editorial design skills to be able to adjust for each different client but still offer something different - develop a style which I can work within publishing at can be adapted well for different clients, but still work as something that offers a different look/ style on the normal be this by looking into the format, printing techniques and binding of the publications.

My professional/creative aims and how they relate to the needs of the client group:
My professional aims at the moment is to carry on working within the areas of design that I am most interested in and get them to the professional standard that i feel will be good enough to be out in the industry and to get work from clients. I want to create a professional portfolio that shows my work and area of practice to the best ability, this will focus on publishing and branding and hopefully communicate the design style and way that I work within my own practice. I also want to look at getting experience in working within the this area of design and also getting visits and placements within studios that are focussed around this area of design also - publishing, print, branding.
I feel that the way in which I work and the work that I produce, if I keep challenging pushing and editorial, by using printing techniques and focussing on the format then I can will have something different to offer the clients which I feel this I necessary to do, everyone wants to see something different and have a product that is better and out there than what everyone else has. I think looking at the branding side of clients will also work in my advantage and offer a good service too.
If I develop these skills and carry on working on the areas that I have discussed above I think that this will work the best for my client group and relate to the needs that they will be looking for, but present them with something different at the same time.

Friday, 12 April 2013

OUGD502 // Task 8 // Contacting Studios & Creative CV

In oder to create a Creative CV i first need to identify the studios that i would want to contact and hopefully get to go and visit. This also will help me think about a portfolio which i can put together to either email or post to them too.

Two - Think, Work, Observe
Think Work Observe is a graphic design practice born in 2011, based in Italy and run by Piero Di Biase and Alberto Moreu. We follow different projects in graphic design, typography and photography. We design printed matter, visual identities and websites, with a background of past experiences in developing identities for design furniture companies. We also acquired skills in designing our own typefaces, as well as customizing already existing fonts, using them to make a more focused project. We work on creating objects and shaping contents, and in the end creating and managing a flux of skilled professionals.

Think Work Observe
Piero Di Biase / Alberto Moreu
Udine / Tolmezzo — Italy
+39 340 5922156 / 347 6126218

Qus Qus
QusQus is a graphic design studio founded by Dima Kuzmichev. We love magazines and books, presentation booklets and annual reports, typography and high-quality paper. We develop trademarks design and visual identity.

Graphic design 
& Art direction
+7 (921) 325 0959

Heydays is an Oslo-based design studio that creates strong visual concepts that trigger curiosity, create excitement and show ambition. We listen, research and challenge. We remove noise to add value.

Hey­days AS
Vibes gate 17
0356 Oslo

(+47) 905 19 260

Matter Strategic Design
Matter are a strategic design firm. We help individuals, organisations and causes matter to those who matter most to them. 

264 Riverdale Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4K 1C6
416 712 5201

Made By Six
We are an independent creative consultancy based in the UK, specialising in design and art direction for an international roster of clients.
Our aim is to produce design with intelligence, integrity and craft that both we and our clients can be proud of.

The Loft
20 Narborough Wood Park
Desford Rd, Enderby
Leicestershire LE19 4XT 

+44 (0)116 238 6555

Effektive Design
We are a young, but established, design and ideas studio based in Glasgow. With a passion for what we do, we deliver relevant, considered and engaging work for clients both locally and internationally. Our approach is simple; we aim to develop strong long-term relationships with clients and suppliers; we listen, learn, understand and simplify to deliver design that adds value to our clients business. We work across business sectors from arts, culture and fashion to retail, corporate and education. This allows us to specialise in a variety of areas including identity & brand development, print design & production, digital design and design for environment.

South Block Studio 107
60 Osbourne Street Glasgow G1 5QH

+44 (0)141 271 4721

This Is Studio
THIS IS Studio is a multidisciplinary design practice based in London.
Our approach is ideas-led; tailored to the needs of each individual client. We engage with each project without a preconceived style and create a bespoke solution based on research, concept and materials. THIS IS Studio was founded by Richard Barnett, Barney Beech and Dougal Burgess.

THIS IS Studio
Studio 7, 49 – 59 Old Street
London, EC1V 9HX

+44 (0)20 7253 7999

Because Studio
Because Studio is the creative practice of Loz Ives.
Collaborating with an ever growing list of talented creative folk and exciting clients, producing crafted outcomes in equal strength across analogue, digital and environmental disciplines.

The Watermark,
9 — 15 Ribbleton Lane,
Preston PR1 5EZ

+44 (0)1772 821 460

Huvi Design
Huvi is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Manchester UK specialising in brand identity, printed media, interactive design, web, packaging, and illustration.

Founded by Adam Robson and Matt Keers we are a young eclectic studio, our goal is to produce work that excites our clients and their customers through a playful yet practical approach to design that is tailored to their needs.

+44 (0) 7891 080 592

The Engine Room
We get a real kick out of giving brands a magnetic personality. It's the Gok Wan treatment for your business. We’ll prod you around a bit to get a feel of where you’re coming from… but you can keep your clothes on while we do it.

Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, The Engine Room is a small team of graphic designers, strategists, marketeers and brand consultants. We have a genuine passion for the benefits that good design can bring to business. We also like pizza.

Working mainly in the B2B market, we mix creative thinking, design and strategy to transform businesses through renewed brand identity and reinvigorated marketing communications that engage with customers and deliver measurable returns.

Loft 12, The Creative Lofts
15 Northumberland Street
West Yorkshire

01484 483087

Creative CV
From identifying these studios that i would like to contact i can now work on my creative CV and know what information i need to present. 

For some inspiration for the design of the CV i have looked into some existing creative CV's: