Monday, 28 May 2012

OUGD402 Evaluation

What skills have you developed through this module and how effectively do you think you have applied them?
In this module I have tried to keep things simpler. The concept and idea that decided to go with I purposely decided to keep it simple, because I didn’t have lots of time on this brief, so I wanted to spend more time on designing them to keep them at standard of all my work.

I have learnt that things don’t need to be complicated to be effective and be a good piece of work, which communicates the message effectively.

I have carried on the skills that I learnt throughout the year, again taking the idea of hotdog booklets from the principles module and incorporated this into my work. I have further developed my illustration skills and experimented with publication layouts more.

Within the theory side of the module I have developed the idea of time management and how to plan my time better, learning the things which I don’t need to do and that are a waste of my time throughout the day was a good wake up call. I have learnt to change my attitude towards it and start to take more time on my work, but leaving time to socialize too.

I also feel as thought I have developed my reflective skills for both my blog and in written crits. I feel as though I can talk about things more and explain better in a more graphic design terminology to why I have chosen things the way I have. Within crits I have developed a better sense of evaluating peoples work and better a way to express this.

What approaches to/methods of design production have you developed and how have they informed your design development process?
For this brief it was all about keeping the design simple and making it effective, focusing on communicating the message right to the audience. I have experimented with publication layouts and the format of the publication. I have looked at doubled sided postcard sized designs. All these are different formats to what I would normally design around, this has been a good experience working within different formats and sizes.

By working on smaller formats and making them fold up within the design, I have had to plan out the design stage well, making sure I was using the right orientation for both the publication and the double sided cards. With using a small format too, this meant my designs had to be a lot simpler and more precise, as the size of them would be smaller.

Within the tasks and sessions in this module I have learnt that I work better if I plan my time and use ‘to do lists’ to plan my time out and decide what work I will do for the day etc. In doing this I have found that this has helped me a lot in doing my work and getting it all done efficiently.

What strengths can you identify in you work and how have/will you capitalise on these?
In this brief I feel as though the simple design is the strength of it all. I used one accent colour and black and white to create the designs. These were made up of small illustrations and then written content for the publication. I feel as though the publications were the strongest part of my work, as a set they all work well together and communicate the message; which I wanted to get across to the new first years.

I feel as though I have developed a bold design style, one that can be simple but still communicate the message to the audience efficiently. The to do list are a good example of this and show that things don’t have to be complicated to both look good and communicate well.

Within the tasks in the module I have learnt more about graphic design, understanding the meaning of different areas within the subject and being able to identify work and designers of this subject, I feel my understanding of this part of the module is one of my strengths, researching into things like this I find interesting as I am learning more and more about graphic design as well as finding new designers etc which I can use for inspiration.

What weaknesses can you identify in you work and how will you address these in the future?

I think my main weakness of this brief was that I didn’t plan it out too well, I left the designing of this brief quite late compared to normal, but I did manage to get everything finished in time, but I have felt a lot more rushed within this brief and abit more stressed than normal. As this module was a long module and has been running all through the year, looking back at some of the tasks, I found it hard to realize what they were about and hard to finish off, so I wish I had completely finished them when they were first set.

Identify five things that you will do differently next and what do you expect to gain from doing these?
- Not leave tasks unfinished – In doing them right at the beginning when set, I know that I have completed them and got them out of the way leaving more time to do the practical design briefs.

- Time management – on this brief I have felt more rushed and stressed coming to the end of the module than normal, planning my time better would have been a better plan and leaving more time to finish all the design work and tasks.

- Feedback – Getting myself prepared more for the initial crits and sessions for feedback will give myself more feedback and idea I can work off.

- Experiment more with illustrations – The illustrations within my work on this brief are quite simple, but this isn’t something that I tend do to do all the time, but I would like to develop this skill further.

- Think of the concept right from the start and stick to it – within this brief I kept changing the idea of my work and what I wanted to communicate, sticking to one and developing this right from the start will provide me with a more evident and communicated product.

Attendance = 5
Punctuality = 5
Motivation = 4
Commitment = 4
Quantity of work produced = 4
Quality of work produced = 5
Contribution to the group = 5

Editorial Design

Recently editorial design has become the area in which i have been very interested in, a lot of my briefs recently have been around editorial design. I like this because i like the idea of laying out content in a way that makes it more attractive to look at and to make people want to read something. It puts across some content in a creative way to give it more meaning and communicate the message of the publication more. I also think there is a lot of experimentation you can do with a publication, but simply using different stock, textures, binding techniques, printing techniques. Its just an area that i really enjoy working in.

I have further explored this idea of editorial design and compiled a whole selection of different examples of work.

A few of my favourite design companies within editorial design:

Website bibliography

Throughout the year i have been finding new websites and blog both general graphic graphic design and designers, so i thought id collate them all together in one place for future reference.


Design sites/blogs

Studio Emmi//Design company

Studio EMMI is a graphic design practice established by Emmi Salonen in 2005. We design identities, websites, catalogues, books and other printed matter. Over the years we have developed a strong track record and a long list of happy clients from the worlds of art, culture, commerce and academia. Said clients come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all brands with vitality, passion and direction.

I came across Studio Emmi when i was looking for editorial design inspiration, i ame across some of their work on a design blog, which i loved, I then researched further into them to find their website and look at further work they have done. I really like there editorial work the best, they do cover other areas, but i think the editorial work is the best and strongest. 
I like this work because they are quite experimental with it, its not just your normal publication. The layout within the publications are really nice, they are structured well, so easy use and the connection between article and imagery is good, it all works together and makes it nice to read and look at.


Friday, 25 May 2012

Speaking from experience//Final Crit

Today we had the final crit for the speaking from experience brief. This was done in blog groups, we were in pairs and went around our group filling out the form below.

Im going to be honest and didn't find this crit useful at all. I got good feedback from my group, but even within that isn't wasn't the best. I found that most of my group spent most of the time talking about random stuff about there day and other stuff and not really concentrating on the crit itself. Even though i did get good feedback the content of this feedback was pretty poor, i got a few lines in each box that all had the word good in it. 
On all of them i didn't get any improvements feedback, which does make feel good because it shows that i have produced good work and something that they think it good, but even so they could of thought of something which could have been of use for me, even if it was their opinion on how they would of done it, at least then i would have something to compare against. 
It did make me feel like it was a waste of time, the fact that most of my group didn't even have there final things printed or even started it, i couldn't crit them good because of this. 

Like i said i am happy that i have got such good feedback in the strengths of my work, the people that crited it thought it was a good sea and concept and thought that i produced good from from it, but i would have liked some criticism or some ways in which they thought i could of improved it.

Feedback 1:
Design Solution
 - Strengths - Relevant to the content of design sheets and looks effective. A lot of designs.
- Improvements - None 

Design Context
- Strengths - Layouts good and effective, good background research
- Improvements - None

- Strengths - very clear to see where ideas come from. Lots of design sheets, shows development
- Improvements - Maybe print them all in colour

Additional comments
Good all round, lots of good work produced. (tick)

Feedback 2:
Design Solution:
- Strengths - strong visual consistency across range of products. Detailed content, works nice as a set, nice design aesthetics.
- Improvements - none

Design Context
- Strengths - good format. appropriate for graphic designers. have tips on front
- Improvements - none

- Strengths - clear and detailed presentation boards, covers everything on brief.
- Improvements - all boards to be printed in colour.

Additional Comments

Speaking from experience//Final Presentation Boards

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Speaking from experience//Final products

After printing my final designs off today, i cut them all up and got them ready for the crit tomorrow, taking photos of them, this time trying to make my presentation of them better.

I am really happy with the results of this brief, after not having that long on it, i thought it wasn't going to look that good and be a bit of a let down, but i proved myself wrong, i think in the time i have had i have done a good job of this. I enjoyed doing it too. It has been a while since i have done poster designs, so that was good to do again, along with the to do lists; something different for a change. All together i think the work has come out really good and i am happy with it, i think as a set it all works together well, the style is consistent throughout and works well in the context it is used. I believe that this would be useful to the first years, i know if i received it i would of made good use of it.