Friday, 27 April 2012

Speaking from experience//Concept & Rationale

This morning we had a workshop on creating the final concept and writing a rationale for this.
I went into this session thinking that i wanted to create a calendar on the basis of time management/workloads. This is what i started off with, but as i was going the process, i realised that this was quite a popular outcome, but i liked the idea of time management and workload, so i re thought my idea.
I thought back to the workshop we had with Fred on time management and at the beginning he started by outlining how a day can go if things aren't planned out right. How just because you are in college all day doesn't mean you are doing a full days of work.
This is basically working on the idea of getting into a routine.

What problem have you identified?
The workload of the course is a lot, juggling between modules means you need to plan time right. Time management.

Why is it a problem?
Have to switch between briefs can get confusing
Wasting time each day by not knowing what to do
Make sure work is done and in on time
Planning means no rushed work, high quality
Balanced social and uni life

What do you intend to do about it?
Put something in place to help plan time
Inform the kind of workload and what will receive
Advise on a good routine
Calendar/to do list
Generalise a day in LCA

What do you hope to achieve by doing this?
In doing this i aim to advise new students on how to manage there time in a way that they have a balanced social and uni life and get all work done.

What do you already know?
There is a lot of work
No planning, bad day - no work done
A general outline of a day in LCA
Need a balance - can't do work all day and all night

What do you need to find out about the problem?
other peoples routine - 2nd/3rd years
Personal experiences of this
How to plan a day - is there a specific amount of time to work?
Does planning actually help?
How course changes over years

More detailed rationale to my concept:
What problem have you identified?
The high workload of the course can prove hard to organise your time spent on briefs and in uni. Managing your social lie and uni life is key, A routine is must.

What is the problem?
wasting time on not knowing what to do
work may not get done
too much social life - attendance go down/poor work
rushed work
many briefs to work on at same time

What do you intend to do about it?
Compare the difference between a good planned routine and having no plan/routine to a day at LCA. This will be presented through infographic/ illustrated poster. In the style of 'A day in the life...'

What do you hope to achieve by doing this?
Advise on how a good routine can provide a more structured day in which you produce a lot of work/work towards a brief. Illustrate how easy time can be wasted.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Speaking from experience//Maps

The second idea for this brief is to make some sort of infographic map about leeds and the shops etc in leeds to help new students find there way around leeds more easily.

Speaking from experience//Initial ideas

From the session we did with Fred We made lists of 5 things within different categories from when we first started the year. 

From the lists i wrote down the ones i liked the sound of the best/ could be used to give advice and then wrote down some other feelings that i remember feeling like at the beginning of the year. I found a lot of these were similar

I then did a bigger brainstorm incorporating the ideas from above and i just started to think about more and more problems and messages i could use.

I choose the ones i thought i could do something with the most and then wrote some reasons and idea i had from these.

This then brought me to picking the 3 messages and problems i liked the best/ thought would be best to work with

From here i wrote more detailed idea of what i could produce and a couple of sketches.

The final concept that i chose to do.

A couple of ideas for it.

I made the messages and problems into a design board just so it was easier to read and also did a concept board too.

The concept.

The idea that i want to do is based upon the idea of organisation. I want to create a calendar/ to do list which is in the form of a film book/post it not style stack. In which each day can be ripped off. Each day will have a tip either about the course or a designer or something to be with graphic design. I could also incorporate the idea of typography and different fonts used within each day, this could be identified and used as a resource too.

This could be developed into a organisation kit maybe? but i will leave this and see how it goes in the concept crit first. 

I have had a second idea which is taken from the idea of students not knowing there way around when first moving to leeds, this again was backed up by my survey.
The idea for this concept is to produce a big scale map of leeds which has main things within leeds shown on it. Split up into categories e.g. supermarkets, shops, fast food, banks etc.
The main student accommodations would be shown and then the quickest routes to LCA from these would be shown, as again this was another thing brought up in my survey. 
The idea of the map is to show walking routes as this is the best most cost efficient way for students, it also promotes exercise and being healthy another thing brought up in my survey.

Out of the two i prefer the first idea, but i think that might be a popular subject to work on, so depending on the feedback from the concept crit i will go with one of the two above.

Speaking from experience//Calendars

As i am thinking that i will continue with the calendar idea from all my ideas i have had, i have done some research into calendars and the different styles of them. I am liking the idea of having it like a stack calendar - the ones which look like post it notes. This style would fit in with my idea the best as its about planning your day and writing a 'to do list' which this takes on the idea of a notepad.