Sunday, 30 October 2011

COP task//Crit lesson

We had a Crit on a crit (wierd i know) basically we were going through the ideas of what a crit actually is and what you use them for.

During the crit we discussed why we crit and came up with 5 key reasons to why we do this:

- It gives you feedback on your work
- Makes me confident about your own work
- You can see who works in a simikar style/ anyone else work you like; colaboration
- It can develop your ideas further
- Its a time where you can discuss and describe how you are doing/ did and the meaning behind your work.

After this we did an exercise where we had to evaluate a piece of work that wasnt our own from various questions we were given. I foun this helpful as it showed me different ways to look at a piece of work and not to take what you first see as the final design.
For this exercise we used:
D - describing - what is here?
I - interpreting - what is it about?
E - evaluating - how good is it?
T - theorising - does it solve the problem?

From this exercise we came up with questions that are good questions to use in a crit to give you more info on a peice of work:

-Where did you get your inspiration from?
-What are you trying to communicate?
-Who is your target audience?
-What is your reason behind the design?
-How would you improve your work?
-What researched influenced you?
-What is the function of the design?
-What does the colour symbolise?
-What context would your work be used in?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

PPP Task//Research Task

Within our blog groups we were set a research task. This was to come up with 5 of our categories to research graphic design in.
My blog group choose:
- Nightlife
- Menu's
- Signs in the city
- In the home
- Leeds transport info.

We decided to spilt up the categories into each person and collect the images all together at the end.

Whilst doing the category i choose i found alot of the things i had fit into other categories too, so i thought id do some other categories too.



In the home