Wednesday, 28 November 2012

OUGD502 // Life's a pitch // Typeface

For our logo which is going to be in the shape of a gem, we need a typeface to work with it, something that will compliment the design of the logo and stand out and be recognised.

Just some ideas:

OUGD502 // Lifes a Pitch // Group

Nathan, Ste, Jack and myself

JEMM (our middle names, also represents the quality chaps we are).

Areas of Design
Interactive/User Experience

Who For?
Private Sector - Creative Industries
Wholesale and Retail / Hotels and Restaurants / Transport, storage and communications / Publishing / Music / Radio / Television

Sunday, 18 November 2012

OUGD502 // Who am I now

My chosen area of design as of now
- Editorial
- Print & print techniques
- Collage/ image manipulating
- Branding

My main strengths as of now
- layout
- editorial design
- print techniques // working with other materials

My identified weaknesses as of now
- poster design
- working out of comfort zone
- not experimenting enough with an idea
- running with the first idea I get

A set of main goals for this year
- get my work online and start getting an online presence
- visit studios and get experience within the industry
- win competition briefs

- to get experience abroad in a studio
- exhibit my work outside of Uni
- to travel the world

Sunday, 11 November 2012

OUGD502 // Creative Industries Task

The five studios (well 6..) i have chosen
- This Is Studio
A great London based studio. This studio is more broad in the disciplines in which they work in but still the work i have seen is very good, the standard is high, the concept is great and is looks very nice. Amongst it all i like the use of printing techniques within the print based design and the branding work is very strong. The web based work is also good.

- Anthony Burrill
I have chosen this designer because his work is based around screen printing, which i really like and enjoy myself. I like the simplicity and use of colour throughout his work, also his work uses alot of short straight to the point phrases which i think are effective in communicating the ideas across.

- Effektive Design
I have liked this studio since I first started studying graphic design, they were the main inspiration when I started. I like the variation between the different disciplines within the studio work, but i do really enjoy looking at the print work.

- Huvi Design
This is a very recent studio i have found and at first look i didn't like them because the images of the work on the website did no justice, when i further looked into projects i found alot more behind the work and loved it. I like the high impact colour use across all projects and the variation of print work within the projects. It is all printed matter, but the areas of design within that are all different which i like.

- HeyDays
I found these when looking at international design studios, this studio is based in norway. If i could i would love to be able to go over and visit them but i am very doubtful of this. The studio is very much editorial based, but also work in branding and web, this appeals to me a lot and the main reason i relate to them so much.

- Because Studio
This studio is my favourite of local studios, its only in preston which is great and would definatly be one to visit. I love all the work they have produced, i think the concept behind each piece is great and the majority of it is print based and being editorial...WINNER.

My Main Choice:
My choice was very hard because all the ones i have chosen above i would love to visit any of them and each studio has some element which i can relate to and see fitting into my own practice.
To get to my final choice i looked at where they were based location wise which got it down to:
- Huvi Design - Manchester
- Because Studio - Preston

From these two studios i have decided on BECAUSE STUDIO
I have chosen this studio because i love every bit of work that they have done, every project i have looked at wows me in some way. The studio is based on print, which is what i want to do, also alot of the work is around editorial design, again something i am very interesting in. But along with that they also use alot of other disciplines of graphic design which i find interesting and would like to work around. They also use different printing techniques which appeals to me also. Basically i could really see myself working within the studio.

My choice is based around the direction of the work and the brand philosophy also the location of the studio is close to Leeds too so thats great.

When considering these practices:
WHO they are/who are you?
- Because studio is a print based practice, that works alot within editorial design, layout, print, branding, web design, these areas of graphic design are what I am interested the most, especially editorial design, print etc. This is the sort of direction I am wanting to take my own practice.

WHY you are contacting them and why they should listen?
- I am contacting them because I would like a visit/ workplacement, I want to do this at this particular studio because I think I will fit within the ethos and practice of the studio and would love to see how they work. They should listen because I feel the work I am producing/ interested in is within the practice of themselves and because I am a determined designer that will work hard.

WHAT do you want them to do next and what do you actually want?
- I would like them to contact me/reply to any email or way I contact them and hopefully set up a studio visit, which could lead to a placement. This is want I would love to happen. With either this studio or any of the other studios listed above.

WHY they should get back to you?
- I believe they should get back to me because I show an interest in the area the studio works in, I think my own work shows technical competence both in the design aspect and within the software, so this would show that I could within the industry standard and produce work for live briefs. I thi the way that I present myself, makes me seem a confident and determined character, which wants to work within the industry fields.
This is what I believe and hope that my work and personality puts this across.

8 ways in which to contact the studio:
- turn up on the door and ask to go look around
- send email
- send a promotional mail out about yourself with contact details
- email a interactive pdf? or normal pdf