Tuesday, 20 May 2014

OUGD602 // Creative Review Article

As part of Yoke and the Dialogue exhibition we were contacted by Creative Review on the opening night to feature the exhibition on their blog. Receiving this email when things were proving difficult within the day of putting the exhibition up, was a well deserved relief and spurred us on to get the exhibition up and ready for the opening. We were really happy and over the moon when they asked us to be a feature, it proved to us that the exhibition was being viewed by others in the industry and they thought it was a great idea / concept to feature it online.

We were asked to provide information about the project and exhibition, along with some images to be used within the article. We mentioned the college, leeds print festival and other local printers, to show that it is much more than just a student project. We were later contacted by them again, asking for us to provide them with photos of the opening night and they would feature the exhibition in the next iPad edition. Again we really couldn't believe it, it made me feel like we had created something which was of a really high standard - its hard to evaluate it because we were so close to the project and involved in it, to us it didn't seem that extraordinary because we knew what we had to produce for it and how we were going to do it, but getting things like this happen, just proves that the standard of the event and work must have been high and people were really impressed with what we had produced - the recognition for the exhibition was great.

The article can be viewed here:

Article wording:
Creative duo Yoke bring a week-long, non-profit screen-print exhibition to the Corn Exchange in Leeds from tonight, with an aim to create an exhibition space that spurs a dialogue between creatives through a blind collaboration...

Yoke, made up of designers Eve Warren and Nathan Bolton, asked a variety of creatives and studios to submit work that would be used in a collaborative way, to be showcased in a final exhibition called Dialogue. Each designer consented to this, with the understanding they would not be able to choose their creative partners. "The contributors had to be open to their submissions being manipulated through the use of print and the matchmaking process that paired two submissions together, in order to make a series of screen-printed artworks," says Warren.

Although they had originally planned to keep it local, they decided to through the net wider and ended up with over 150 submissions from creatives and studios around the world. "We're excited to collaborate with studios and agencies ranging from locals The Beautiful Meme, to Two Points studio from Barcelona who will be speaking in Manchester over the next couple of days," Warren says. (Two Points talk as part of graphics event BCNMCR, see more in the April issue of CR and on the CR blog here).

As soon-to-be graphic design graduates from Leeds College of Art, the duo decided to do something ambitious to help foster future opportunities, but the initial idea developed from their mutual love for print. "When it comes down to being emerging print artists, we are thankful for being on a course that takes print seriously, as there is the argument that print is dead. Print is not dead. For example, we have seen Leeds Print Festival grow every year as well as see local passionate printers like The Print Project produce so many new and innovative ways to interact with print. There is something so nice about getting your hands dirty in comparison to sitting staring at a computer screen all day," says Warren. "The North is an exciting place to be right now, especially Leeds as in the past 18 months so many things have started to pop up and we wanted to be a part of that."

For me this was great and showed that the work we had put into the exhibition and the time spent on it had really paid off. Creative Review don't just put anything on their blog, it's all high standard and quality work, so they must have been impressed with the exhibition to feature it. This was the first time I have had any work featured on a external website, which was great for me as designer to be entering the industry soon.

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