Sunday, 18 May 2014

OUGD602 // Design Influences // Local Studios

This has become more apparent this year, looking at local studios around leeds and the surrounding areas. This was mainly for looking at studios for placements / internships, but through doing this I have found many which have proven to be a great influence for me throughout the year in several projects I have undertaken.

We are an independent creative consultancy based in the UK, specialising in design and art direction for an international roster of clients. Our aim is to produce design with intelligence, integrity and craft that both we and our clients can be proud of.

Freytag Anderson
As an independent design studio, we like to think freely. We’re not tied to any one philosophy, any single set of rules. So we treat every job individually, hand-picking a team according to what’s needed. Then we experiment, investigate, explore. It’s an approach that keeps us nimble. And lets us push beyond the expected every time.

Modern Designers
This is the bit where we talk about ourselves. This project and that big client. This award and that thing we won that’s now a doorstop yadda yadda yadda. This isn’t really our style though. This is because we’d rather listen to our clients, instead of talking at them. This is why our ideas never come off the shelf. This is why we work with everyone from fashion labels to charities. This is lovingly crafted print,
advertising, digital, the lot. This is attention to detail and time well spent. This is about finding the best
way for you to engage with your audience. This is modern design thinking.

Otherway is a global creative company.

We believe great brands are defined not just by what they say, but what they do. 

We invent, relaunch and build brands, but most importantly we help them behave in the most interesting ways. Helping smaller companies get bigger and bigger companies act smaller.

We make thoughtful and apposite responses to the needs of our clients. Our work is designed to function across all applications – digital, analogue and environmental. Our creations are always bespoke and often involve specifically developed typefaces and marques.

We love making things, collaborating, identifying interesting problems and figuring out what we can build to help solve them. Above all, we like to keep it simple and do it well.

Build is a London-based design consultancy with an international reputation for producing modern, graphic solutions for lifestyle clients, both independent and corporate. Our core strengths of brand identity, art direction and graphic design are showcased in a portfolio unified by a strong and confident visual language. We help clients rationalise their challenges and verbalise their personality, and no matter what the size of project, it is always our aim to deliver beyond expectation.

We create effective pieces of design and creative communications, with a focus on craftsmanship and collaboration. Ours is a simple approach: we take the time to get to know our clients, we do all that we can to understand the people they’re trying to reach, then we take what we know and create memorable, relevant pieces of work.

Studio Makgill
Our design is guided by one overarching philosophy: to make beautifully simple work.
Work that cuts through the noise and helps businesses to tell their story.

We’re called Alphabetical because we believe there’s a beauty in logic. We love the aesthetics of letterforms, the words they create and most of all the pictures they paint.

Two Times Elliott
Two Times Elliott is a design consultancy based in Notting Hill, London. Two Times Elliott produce a diverse range of work across multiple disciplines including print design, identity and web. We help our clients communicate their message clearly and intelligently.

Mark Studio
Mark is an independent branding and graphic design studio, based in Manchester.
Since 2005, we’ve been producing outstanding work for clients of all kinds and sizes, winning a fair few awards along the way.

We’d love to talk to you about what we could do for your business or brand. But in the mean time, we’re happy to let our work speak largely for itself.

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