Thursday, 22 May 2014

OUGD602 // Studio contact

Over easter I got back into emailing a few studios and asking them about placements / job vacancies for when I left uni. I feel that this is something that I have engaged with more this year and contacting studios hasn't been a problem for me. This was evident in the COP practical project too, which I got a lot off feedback back from that, so im the hoping the same will happen this time.

I contacted around 4 or 5 studios for placements and then another couple, which were asking for job vacancies. Below are the screenshots of the emails that I sent them and blow is the reply I got from then if there was any at all.

It turned out that not alot of the studios / designers hav any jobs or placements going at this time, even though I didnt get a placement out of it, it has given me contact that I can get in touch with. 

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