Sunday, 18 May 2014

OUGD602 // Personal Branding // Promo Pack

The promo pack is a collection of the branded products created in my personal branding, which I have created a small folder for them to be put together within and create a product which can be handed out, or posted out to studios and designers, informing them of me as a designer.

The pack includes:
- Creative CV
- Business Card
- Small letterpress design / postcard design.

The idea of the promo pack is to inform potential employers of myself and show give them details of me as a designer and my work. With my website online, I don't think it is necessary to start creating printed portfolios to send out as I can direct them to the website or send a digital portfolio. The promo pack is to introduce myself and tell them who I am.

The postcard design is a small product which is something nice for them to receive, a tactile physical product which I produced myself. Its always nice to get something sent in the post and its adds some personality to the promo pack.

The folder created is an A5 folded folder, which has a flap on the bottom to hold the content of the pack inside. The creative CV will be folded in half to fit within the folder. On the front of the folder, I have personalised it, by adding 'Thanks______ for meeting with me today'. When going to a meeting or interview with a studio / designer, I can write their name within the space and it created a personalised product directed at them. Hand writing their name onto the folder also shows some personality too. 

Images of Promo pack - 

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