Sunday, 18 May 2014

OUGD602 // Personal Branding // Business Cards

With the new identity in place, I wanted to create new business cards. Last year I got them sent off and printed using Moo, but at this moment in time I don't feel that this is necessary to do that and I didnt particularly like the printed cards from there, the print wasn't the best quality.

For the new business cards, I wanted to take on a more hand crafted style and show some of my own practice within the cards. The use of some printing techniques could make them more 'special' and look nicer than a digital printed card.

Back Design

The design of the back of the card is very minimal. I have included the main information needed on a business card, contact number, email and website. These three fit together well within the design and adding my name to the top of the card identifies who I am. As the cards are just for myself, I didnt feel it was necessary to add a job title or 'graphic designer' to the cards because people getting in touch with me will already know this. Plus if I am handing them out, it will be personally from myself or as part of the promo pack, which gives details on who I am and what I do. These part of the card will be printed on white stock. 

Front design - 

The front of the business card will use orange stock, this will be stuck to the backs of the business cards creating a duplexed business card. The logo will be placed in the bottom corner, but I will do this using black vinyl. This adds an interesting element to the business cards and makes it a focus point to the cards. It also means I will only have to print the backs to produce the cards, the front will just be orange stock. 

I think that creating these cards in this way is more related to my practice and communicate me as a designer much better than getting a digital printed business card from online. The hand crafted style and aesthetic fits me and my practice and should make it more of a memorable business card than the standard digital printed ones. 

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