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OUGD602 // Portfolio // Printed Portfolio

Another part of PPP is to create a portfolio. This is part of the module but also something that needs to be created for after uni, as it will be vital to use in interviews for jobs once we have left the course.

A portfolio is a hard thing to design, as first of all it is for yourself which is always hard to design for and secondly is needs to display the work really well in order to communicate the ideas of each project.

I am designing my portfolio to A3 format, this is a comfortable size to use to fit content onto and to be able to read through and use as a sort of presentation when in a interview / meeting.

For the portfolio I am going to include around 6-7 projects, I feel that this is a sufficient amount to showcase who I am as a designer and show different types of briefs, but also not be too long and bore the person looking at it.

The design of the portfolio is going to be very image based and visual, each project will be spread over three pages, the front being an introduction page, this will include a full bleed image and description of the project. The middle page will be a collection of images from the project which are arrange in a grid to form a composition of different sized and formatted images. The end page will be a full bleed image. I think this system will provide enough images for each of the projects and interesting to look at when going through the portfolio.

Introduction page within the portfolio. 
This page is right at the beginning of the portfolio and is about me. It informs the reader of my practice, along with contact details down the left hand side. 

Project intro page.
The first page introduces the project with a full bleed image and brief description. Using the typefaces from my branding this all links together to create an identity throughout the portfolio, but also of me. The description is displayed in a white box, which has the opacity turned down to show part of the image through. This makes it easier to read the description, but also keeps in blended with the image. 

Project image showcase. 
The middle page is a collection of images that are laid out in a grid to create an interesting composition on the page. This displays further images of the project. 

Final page. 
The final page of the project is a full bleed image, this allows to show a detailed image of the product within the project and finishes the project pages with a large memorable image. 

All the projects will follow this same format to keep it consistent throughout the portfolio. It means all projects will be similar in how they are displayed. 

Full Portfolio - 

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