Sunday, 18 May 2014

OUGD602 // Personal Branding // Creative CV

The final product to design is the Creative CV. From last year I already had a CV which I have been using, but now that I have redesigned my branding, this doesn't fit with the new aesthetic and identity I am now using.

Previous CV -

Last year this was a great product for me and not knowing the complete route I was heading down for my practice, this brought alot of different elements together to showcase me as a designer. But now this doesn't really fit my practice anymore. I feel that it is too illustrative and maybe a little childish? in the design. It doesnt really say much about me and I don't like the use of the illustrated person in the middle. 

A lot of the information within the CV is great and speaks about me as a designer well, but it just needs updating and bringing in line with the new identity. 

Using the template of the letterhead, the CV keeps a consistent style within the branding and works alongside the rest of the products. Using the main content area I have used the same categories as before but adapted this to be more current and up to date. Taking away the illustrative elements that made the old CV look out of place for me, this gave me more room to add in more information about my achievements and things I have been involved in. With a up and running website, which displays all my work, I have been able to take away the social media elements and focus on directing people to my website instead. 

I think that this works much better as a product than the previous CV. I have much more I can say within the CV now, as I have started working on things outside of uni and have more achievements, I think this is better to display on such a product as this than speaking about me personally, I can do that within an interview. The style of the CV works with the rest of the branded products and finishes off the personal branding product range. 

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