Sunday, 18 May 2014

OUGD602 // Design Influences // International Studios

Throughout the year, I have been looking at and collecting information on studios across the world that I like the work of and using these as influences and inspiration for my own work where applicable.

International Studios

QusQus -
QusQus is the independent design studio of Dima Kuzmichev. QusQus specializes in branding and graphic design for print, web and environments

Heydays - 
Heydays is a Norwegian design consultancy based in Oslo. The focus of our work is developing visual identities, digital solutions and other associated material for small and big clients. Together with our clients we identify and clarify core values to make relevant and tailored solutions.

Hey Studio
We are a design studio based in Barcelona.
We mostly work in brand identity, illustration and editorial design.


caso is a visual communication agency with a multidisciplinary approach to communication projects, in cooperation with professionals from web design, photography, stand building, copywriting, social media and public relations.
caso specialises in graphic design, visual identity, editorial graphics and packaging.

Form & Co
Shape is an independent study in Barcelona dedicated to graphic communication. Founded by Joel Lozano and Dani Navarro, working on projects of corporate identity, communication strategy, editorial design, illustration, animation and web.
It is a flexible structure, an open forum for customers and partners, relationships and projects. We create synergies giving meaning to the "& Co." as close collaboration with Roger Paul, with whom we share space and projects.
Shape is also the sum of a conviction, one way of doing things. Believes in the essence of things, the concepts in pure and basic things in simple and functional, in order, in the economy of resources, austerity and clear and direct messages.

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