Sunday, 18 May 2014

OUGD602 // Design Direction // Print & Screenprint

At the end of 2nd year, I did a large project which was heavily influenced by the use of printing techniques and print in general. The idea of creating physical objects got me really involved with the project and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When it came to end of 2nd year I said that I wanted my final year to carry on creating project such as that, using the ideas of print and printing techniques within the projects.

I didn't realise how much this was going to influence this year and now my own practice. It became evident that print was something I was really interested in through my dissertation, the research I carried out informed me a lot about the design area and taught me lots on techniques and methods along with the actual knowledge of the background of the specialism. Using this as a brief solely focussed on print, the practical element of it was the starting point in which I really focussed on the idea of print and bringing that into my practice.

I really enjoyed working on the COP module and the practical element, taking everything I learnt from that module, this began my love for print and ever since the beginning of the year it has been a big focus within the remainder of projects I have carried out.

The second big influence on print was Dialogue. This project has run the whole year and I knew it would the one which I mainly focussed on the use of print, but again I didn't realise how much it would influence me as a designer and wanting to work within that field. I loved doing this project, as it was completely print based - screen print based. The amount of prints we had to create and in the short period of time, basically gave us a crash course in screen print. Creating the prints taught me so much about the printing method and being in the print room all the time was a great escape from the studio and from my laptop. After doing the exhibition, I found that I was lost working on my laptop and working digitally, it wasn't giving me the same satisfaction as the print work did and I found that I was getting bored very easily.

From this point onwards, I have been heavily influenced by screen print and researching into it more and more. The more I look at it and work within the area, the more I want to continue to do it once we have left uni.

I love the physical element of the products, having the tactile nature of the product and knowing that you have made and created it yourself. Experimentation with print is great too, the things you can do with different inks and layers of colours, its a world of creativity and experimentation that keeps me so on point and focused when I'm doing it. I like the hands on approach, which has always been something that has been a focus, creating and making physical things.

Inspiration & Influences
From looking working within print and in particular screen print, I have looked at various designers / studios that have a good understanding of it and create some nice printed work.

Hey Studio

Two Points

Anthony Burrill


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