Thursday, 22 May 2014

OUGD602 // Personal Branding // Evaluation

This year I have enjoyed working on my Personal Branding, I fell as though this time round I have connected with the idea of it and enjoyed producing the printed material around the branding. Compared to last year, I think that my branding now it a lot more sophisticated and communicates me as a designer better, the identity is much more considered in the approach to the design and application to relevant products. Plus the branding products this time, take simpler approach and are more focussed on being there to aid the use of the product than being creative and 'designed'. I feel that products are practical and will work for running a business and any freelance work that I do undertake.

The consistency of the branding is much stronger this time round and I have used a couple of printing techniques - simple ones, but ones that add to the value of the branding and make it a little bit more interesting and unique. This would be the use of vinyl on the logo and the metallic black bubble envelope.

Using a serif font was a brave move on my behalf, I don't usually use these types of fonts, but I wanted to show the sophistication and professionalism of my practice, which I believe this does achieve. Also the type looks great and has a really nice character within the letterforms. The small details of the different stroke weights creates a well formed letterform and add a nice detail, along with the slightly over bold serifs, that shows assertiveness and boldness.

As a range of material, I have created a consistent design across all the products. The use stock is evident within the branding, both GFSmith Mandarin and Mist have been used to produce the various products within the range, which I believe covers everything you need to have a branding set and usable product range.

I am much more happy with this branding and I feel that it is a more considered approach to my practice and I feel that it communicates where I am now compared to when I first started the course three years ago. The develop of my practice over these  three years is phenomenal and I think this branding is just the beginning of what will happen outside of the course.

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