Sunday, 18 May 2014

OUGD602 // Design Influences // Context Book

As part of the course modules we had to design a design context publication. This publication was to be a product which contextualised your practice. It was the influences, research and anything else that has been evident within the progress throughout the course and throughout the develop of creating your own practice.

For my publication, I wanted to split it down into two sections, Graphic Design and Print Maker, I feel that these two elements are dominant within my practice and are quite evenly split, maybe more towards the print maker at the moment, but there are underlining elements of graphic design influences / skills within that.

The publication displays influence and inspiration I have collected throughout the year for various projects and general inspiration for my practice. Within this I wanted to use the research from my dissertation and mix this with the imagery to create a visual but informative publication. The research included show the contextualisation of my practice and where it has developed from, the images show the visual influences and inspiration for my design work.

I think this is good to include within PPP as it is all about my development as a designer and showcases what the underlining elements of it is.

Full publication - 

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