Sunday, 18 May 2014

OUGD602 // Portfolio Surgery // Elmwood - Chris Jackson

On Friday Chris Jackson from Elmwood came in and did portfolio surgeries with us, I managed to book a time slot with him and have a chat with him about my work and portfolio.

We started off the surgery by looking through my whole portfolio and I explained each of the projects and told him a little about each one and what was involved within it. After speaking about the whole portfolio, we back through it from the start and Chris commented on things he thinks I could change to improve it and make it a better portfolio.

I asked him if he could comment on how the portfolio works as a whole, if it showcases me as a designer with a particular style and also about the make up of the portfolio - layout, projects included, decriptions etc.

Feedback - 

Order of projects - 
Look at the order of the projects within the portfolio to make it flow better. Group similar projects together either on products created or colour - in some fashion so similar ones are together and they aren't all dotted around within the portfolio.

Fedrigoni - YCN - 
Don't include both YCN briefs, they are both very similar and even though it shows good work for a commercial outcome, it looks too much having two projects based around the same company / idea.

Project Types - 
The projects include are very design led and not so much of a commercial outcome. Maybe include a variation of projects to show more of a commercial viability within the project. Or show different shots / mock up of the work within context of a commercial setting.

Elements within Projects - 
Instead of all just being shots of the final products and physical things that have been produced, show some of the design elements within the projects. Pull out logos and brand marks, iconography etc to show how the project has been built up in terms of the design. This will also create a more interesting portfolio as it won't all be image led.

Order of showing work within projects - 
Look at the images selected within the projects and be more selective with these. Some pages have images which are of the same shot, just at different angles, this isn't necessary within the same project overview. Less images isn't always a bad thing.

Photography of work -
Ensure the photography of work throughout the portfolio is consistent, some project have really bright, sharp images and other are photographed on dark backgrounds creating duller images. Re-photograph work or take it out of the portfolio. Look at the photography within each project and make sure consistent images are being used.

Condense Projects - 
Not all projects need to be as long as they have been within the portfolio. Condense the smaller projects down to one or two pages and maybe increase some for the larger projects. This will also create a better flow through the portfolio and it won't all be the same, with the same amount of pages for each project.

Samples - 
Take samples whenever showing anyone the portfolio. A lot of wok is physical print, so having them there to show is much better than showing a photograph of it. Project that you choose to take samples of, condense down the project within the portfolio.

NB Manifesto - 
Great idea and works well as something to hand out to clients - employers. Maybe don't include within the portfolio as it is a personal project and something that you are using as a tool to advertise yourself, putting it within the portfolio is showing them it before they actually have it, meaning them getting it has no impact. Take it out of portfolio and give them the product instead.

The surgery with Chris was great, he gave me some good feedback, which I can work on and make changed according to within my portfolio to make it stronger and reflect me better as a designer.

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