Thursday, 22 May 2014

OUGD602 // PPP Summary

I feel that this year has been the best year for me with PPP, I think that I have engaged with the module must more this year than any previous year. I believe this because it has been much more of a self directed module this year, I have missed the direction and structure that we got from John in the previous years and it feels as though we haven't really seen him that much this year, which is a shame. But the module itself felt as though it was more directed to you as designer finding your way for life after college and showing the development of this and your practice throughout the year.

This year I have been apart of many more things outside of the course and in design in general. I have attended many exhibitions, galleries and opening nights this year, which I have enjoyed going along to and seeing the different sort things that are being held outside of college and within the local design scene in Leeds.

I think a big emphasis came from working on Dialogue Exhibition, this introduced me to so many designers within the local area, but not only that the interaction with these people was great and something that I had never done to this level before. Along with that I learn so much about myself and my practice through the project. The brief has defiantly influenced and changed my idea of who I am as a designer and where I see myself working in the future. For now it may not be possible to work in print, but once I have the money behind me I want to open my own print studio and work within the print medium on a daily basis.

Live briefs have been quite important this year, they have given me the experience of working with external clients and learning how to deal with them properly. I have found that not one live client is the same and you have to approach every project differently and tailor yourself to the client / project in order to make it work. These are valuable lessons and ones that I wouldn't have learnt any other way.

Presentation within the module, seem to be a lot easier this year. I think through various project and development within myself, I have become quite a good speaker in front of a group of people. I am able to articulate my ideas and explain my work to a standard that anyone who doesn't know anything about me could understand. This will be a great skills to carry with my into the industry as I will be more confident to speak up and raise my own opinions / issue when working on projects.

Overall I think that PPP has been a great success for me this year, I have defiantly been more involved with the module this time round and in doing that I have found benefits from it, that have helped develop my own practice and made me think about what I really want to do when I leave the course. As I have previously stated I would like to work within print and have my own print studio, but I think that is a long term goal and something that I will work towards in the future, for the mean time, I will keep my interest in print and use what facilities I can to keep this going whilst making my way into the industry to get some experience and see what happens from there. I am excited to go out into the world of graphic design and see what the industry has to offer me. I am defiantly staying within the North, as I feel this is going to be the place for design and creative minds soon, as it is further developing and getting stronger as we speak. PPP has been great and I am thankful for the module as blogging the different elements has made me understand my practice and shown the development of it throughout the three years, now ready to take on anything.

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