Thursday, 22 May 2014

OUGD602 // Peter & Paul Placement

We were given the opportunity to go an work with peter an paul for a paid internship after the course had finished. This would involve working on the college prospectus. If we were interested we had to email answers to a couple of questions and provide some examples of work.

1. Why would you like to work with Peter and Paul on the college prospectus?
I think the college prospectus is a really important product to showcase the course and the college itself, being apart of the college for the past three years I think I would be able to share my knowledge of the college and the course from a student perspective.
I also really the new college rebrand and I think they peter and paul have done a tremendous job of this. I like how they have brought the old identity up to date, by refreshing it and turning it into a modern alternative of the traditional branding. I think it works really well as it still holds the identity and relation to the traditional styled previous branding.
Finally within my own practice I heavily work within publishing and editorial and print, I feel that my skills lean towards this area of design and I would be of good competency to take on such a brief.

2. How would you improve the prospectus this year?
A college prospectus is a really hard product to get right, students that are looking around all the different university are bombarded with such products at every place they visit, the majority of the time they will end up in the bin. I would improve the prospectus to stop this from happening. I think a prospectus can be much more than just a publication. Pushing the product range further and maybe creating more products around it, or introducing a interactive element within the publication to engage the readers further. I think you need to think outside of the box and design something more creative than just a square or rectangular publication, so even the format and print finishes could be looked at to make it more visually engaging and stand out from the other thousands of prospectuses out there.

3. What are the challenges of producing the college prospectus?
As a college with many courses and personalities within these, I think one challenge will be creating a design / product that pleases everyone and showcases the courses how they want them to be seen. Working with the college guidelines and branding is not a challenge, but something that has to be taken into consideration when designing the product. I think if you would be looking at creating a publication that is a different format or works outside of the printing formats, also the use of finishes then the budget could be a challenge to work within.

4. Tell us something else about yourself. 
I'm Nathan, a third year graphic design student. I am a designer that likes to get hands on within a project, be this testing out pre-production mock ups or working within a print studio. I like to work around interaction and creating products that engage the user and get them involved with the product itself. With a love for print, my practice is very print orientated and takes advantage of the physical and tactile nature of print itself. Recently I curated a screen-print exhibition within the Corn Exchange in Leeds. The project was a great success and was received well be designers within the local area, it managed to get featured on Creative Review. The exhibition consisted of around 50 prints which were all hand printed by myself and a second designer I was working this. I'm not afraid to take on large and risky projects as I thrive on opportunities.

Outside of design, some would say I have an obsession with VW Campervana, I love to travel and I am a fan of architecture and DIY.

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