Sunday, 18 May 2014

OUGD602 // Design Direction // Curating & Display

Throughout the year I have become more and more interested in the idea of curation and display. I think it is important how you display work be in within a photography shoot or in an exhibition. The idea of curation give an object context, in doing this it makes the audience understand the product further seeing it in its intended environment.

Exhibition curation and displays have become an interest from researching into them for the Dialogue exhibition. Its always been something I have liked to look at, but in doing it within the Yoke project it got me even more interesting in the actual process and thinking of different ways you can display or hang work.

Some general idea on curation and display can be seen below, I feel that researching into this area has influenced how I have photographed my own projects throughout the year. Having a focus on showing products within context in the photography has been an ever growing idea and now I truly believe it is a much better way of showcasing a product.

Exhibition Curation -

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