Wednesday, 21 May 2014

OUGD602 // Live Briefs // Luke Beevers Photography

After being asked by my friend to design his brand and identity,  decided to treat this brief as a live client and see how the brief would develop taking on a professional approach with how I dealt with the brief and the communication between us both.

These were the outcomes that were designed within the brief for the photographer.

In terms of this affected PPP, I felt as a live brief it was good experience within my own practice and dealing with clients. Throughout the years off PPP we have been taught how to interact and deal with clients, but the best knowledge and experience is by actually going out and doing.

Even though the photographer was my friend, it didn't really change the brief. I know him very well, so in fact it probably helped me because I know what he likes and what he doesn't.

Throughout the brief there was alot of contact with the photographer, after each stage of the brief we either met up or emailed each other on the progress and I often showed him the progress of the work through taking screenshots and sending them to him.

In terms of the actual brief, the photographer knew the products he wanted creating and showed me examples of the work which he liked, this was a great start and it showed me that he was actually interested in being apart of the process of the project.

When it came to making decisions, I often sent him images of the work and gave him my verdict then let him make up his own mind on the choices, he was good at making decisions and choosing the route to go down, I think this was because he had in his head an aesthetic he was after within the branding.

After a couple of days we had a decision on a version of the logo, this meant the project could be pushed on and developed it into the different variations. I dont think the photographer was expecting this much from me and he thought id just give a logo and thats all, but as a designer I like to push out the boundaries and I would rather create a range / set than just one as the range creates a better project and shows a better understanding of the subject area.

There wasn't really a set deadline in which the project had to be completed, but I didn't want it to go on for a long time, as I had other work alongside and needed to move onto other products. Again I dont think he realised the speed in which this would be developed and he would start to see the brand.

After creating the identity, it was applied to the stationery products, again the photographer was up to speed and told me exactly what he wanted designing and showed me more examples of the products he liked. It was great to have such an enthusiastic client to work with, as it made my job as the designer much more easier and interesting.

After around a week the project was finished within the designing stages and now I just had to wait to print it all. The files were packaged and sent off to the photographer, who again was shocked at the speed that this was created at.

Overall it was a great experience of working with a client. In this case the client was very responsive and was keen to be involved as much as he could with the project, which I am grateful for as it made the project run a lot smoother and a lot quicker. I feel that the branding was well considered and related back to the photographer and his practice well, giving him a professional style to communicate himself through. With the photographer giving me so many examples and explaining what he wanted to achieve this again made the project a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

I dont believe that all clients are going to be as great as this one and want to be as involved with the work, but as a recent and first live client, it proved to be a very good experience and one which I have learn alot from that I can take away to future projects.

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